If you’re looking for a bespoke warehouse solution that can provide up to 30% more pallet capacity and a 25% improvement in safe pallet movement per hour, then you need to think about a Flexi.

Popular across the intralogistics markets, over 10,000 trucks have been sold across the UK, Europe and the world over the last 30 years.

Flexi Top Features

  • Next generation Digital power brushless technology.

  • High speed stable travel with balanced digital traction technology.

  • Up to 230° of Articulation Safe independent digital power steering, no kick back.

  • Easy to drive, smooth control at all times.

  • Stacking aisles down to 1.6 metres.

  • Lift heights up to 14 metres.

  • Load capacity 1.3, 1.7, 2.0 & 2.5 tonnes.

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Flexi StorMAX

Flexi StorMAX Creates up to 50% more warehouse capacity than traditional Reach Type Trucks

The Flexi StorMAX allows users to handle two pallets from the same side of each very narrow aisle- which effectively doubles the storage capacity in each narrow aisle.

Lifts over 12 metres

  • 1000kgs capacity and more, even in the rear back pallet position.

Creating more space

  • Gives you over 50% more warehouse capacity compared to Traditional Reach type trucks.

Faster work cycles

  • Only 50% of loads in back locations means 30% more pallets per hour per truck, than ‘Drive In’ racks / Shuttle Car Systems.

Flexi LITE

Flex LITE designed to allow safe, fast and efficient unloading of semi trailers and ISO containers combined with very narrow aisle (VNA) pallet storage.

This dedicated model is light enough to work in any vehicle or container unloading application and then stack up to 236” (6m) in a 72” (1.8m) aisle.

Lift heights to 10 metres

  • Designed to bring Flexi articulated space saving and handling efficiency to users of all popular pallet types.

Stacking performance

  • True radius 1200mm wide chassis and “Artic” over rotate feature allows safe, fast pallet put away, block stacking and drive in rack operation.

Low Triplex mast

  • Lift masts are standard triplex full free lift, to suit most operating conditions including low doors and pallet rack bridge bays.
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Flexi VNA 1000/1100

Flexi VNA works alongside inductive wire and steel rail-guided VNA warehouse trucks

This Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) truck can work in just 1.6 metres (ISO 1M) or 1.8 metres (EURO/ISO 2M) aisles to BITA GN9 (FEM) and DIN standards.

Lifts from 8.5 to 10 metres

  • Developed for Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) operation down to 1.6 metre load to load.

Unique stacking

  • 220° over rotating articulation makes pallet stacking faster and safer.

Heavy lifting

  • Full 1350kg rated capacity at 600mm load centres up to 400m metres.

Flexi 1000/1100

The Flexi 1000 is designed to provide the maximum level of storage density

Creating up to 30% more warehouse capacity the Flexi 1000 is capable of working in just 1.6 M (ISO 1.0M) or 1.8M (EURO/ISO 1.2M) stacking aisles.

Lifts over 8.5 metres

  • Specially developed to be able to handle both the Euro Alliance and ISO pallet in either direction.


  • 220° Over®Rotation makes stacking easy and safe.

Superb lifting ability

  • 1700kgs rated capacity at 600mm load centres to 3.3 metres.