Hako scrubber driers are used across the globe in various industrial, commercial and municipal applications. From streets and factories to car parks.

Milton Keynes Forklifts can supply you with any of the Hako scrubber drier range, whether it’s a ride-on or pedestrian operated model.

Hako Pedestrian Scrubber Driers

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Scrubmaster E/B10

  • E10 – Mains powered
  • B10 – Battery powered – 30 mins runtime
  • The Scrubmaster E10 and B10 models are compact, robust and easy-to-handle scrubber-driers designed to clean smaller floorspaces.
  • A protruding cylindrical brush enables edge-close working, rendering timeconsuming finishing work unnecessary. The twin cylinder cleans granulated floors and joints for optimum results.
  • The two cylindrical brushes provide advanced scrubbing performance while the two squeegees enable simple forward/backward maneuvering.
  • Each battery system has a net running time of up to 30 minutes. A rollermounted, no-tools-needed detachable battery systems are very easy to replace. The built-in battery charger enables recharging at any conventional outlet (B10).
  • Both the Scrubmaster E10 and B10 models have a detachable/ collapsible tie bar, which saves space when stored away or during transport.

Scrubmaster B12

  • A practical, easy-to-transport scrubber-drier designed to clean smaller floorspaces.
  • The disc brushes, protruding to both sides, enable edge-close working and unnecessary reworking. Optimum cleaning results are achieved on smooth hard floors.
  • A built-in charger enables recharging at any conventional outlet.
  • Its compact design provides high flexibility and a good view of the floorspace to be cleaned, even when working in narrow and cramped areas. Easy-to read symbols enable intuitive operation. A removable cover allows easy access and cleaning of the recovery tank.
  • A light-weight design and collapsible tie bar save storage space and make the machine easy to transport, it even fi ts into the boot of your car.
  • The Scrubmaster B12 cleans up to 1,500 m2/h.
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Scrubmaster B30 / B45

  • Scrubmaster B30 and B45 are for high area coverage and low operating costs.
  • Coverage of up to 2,900 m2/h, the Scrubmaster B30 and B45 are ideal for the thorough scrubbing and vacuuming of small and medium-sized areas – e.g. retail trade, administrative buildings, hotels and catering or service centres.
  • Select, for example, between two tank sizes, four brush heads with various working widths, plate or cylindrical brush technology and different battery systems and additional equipment.
  • Heavy duty construction, with die cast aluminium brush heads and squeegees, increases reliability while minimizing repair costs and downtimes.
  • Solutions for reducing water and cleaning agent consumption, which not only help save costs but also reduce environmental pollution.