Forklift Repair

MK Forklifts offer forklift truck services across Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire. So if you require repairs, parts or maintenance, give us a call.

Unexpected downtime can be a business killer, especially in the SME sector, waiting all day for an engineer to show up can affect sales and logistics within no time at all.

MK Forklifts have a team of field-based engineers that travel throughout our service regions on a daily basis. They’re ready to respond to you with well-stocked vans, a ton of knowledge and next day part deliveries in the unlikely event we don’t hold stock of the item you need.

Our team of engineers can be with you no matter if you’re in the far reaches of Oxfordshire or nice and close to our main base of operations in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

While forklifts are workhorses they still need looking after, regular well-maintained trucks are far less likely to breakdown. So if you’re in need of a service, we can help,  we can even work out a maintenance programme tailored to your needs.

Even though we’re Mitsubishi trained, we can repair and service all of the major forklift brands, as well as material handling equipment. This is because all of our technicians have the latest diagnostic equipment in their vans, as well as the general everyday items and consumables; so we can get your truck working again as fast as possible.


To ensure your forklift remains in tip-top condition, MK Forklifts recommend servicing your truck at least twice a year and at a very minimum annually.

This helps guard against unwanted downtime, worn parts and mitigates the potential failure of components.


Not only can we help you at your own premises, but we can get our hands on pretty much any forklift part you may need.

We already have an incredibly well-stocked warehouse, but if we don’t have something we can often get it next day, keeping your downtime to a minimum.

Our own Buckinghamshire based workshop is fully kitted out to repair and refurbish all makes of forklift. We can even pick up your truck if it needs more than an on-site fix.


Need your forklift truck moving to new premises? No problem, even if it’s not a Mitsubishi truck we’re keen to help out where we can.

What’s more, we have a fully covered, custom-built lorry so that if you buy new, or used, we can get your forklift to you in the same condition it left us in.

Drop us an email or give us a call to arrange your forklift transport today.

Forklift Safety

A forklift truck in the wrong hands can be lethal; in fact, there are tens of thousands of injuries and even deaths each year caused by forklift accidents. This is why being a forklift driver is a specialised job, requiring thorough training by your employer.

Operators need to take the same amount of care as they would do when operating heavy machinery. There are protocols and procedures that have to be adhered to; they’re there to minimise accidents.

These regulations must be implemented and practised.

Thorough Examination

Just as your car has an MOT, forklifts must have a ‘Thorough Examination’, it’s a way of certifying that at the time of testing all the parts which have an impact on safety are assessed and inspected before being deemed to be in a safe condition for use.

This examination is sperate from your forklifts regular maintenance program, and you shouldn’t consider it as part of your upkeep as it’s legislated and a legal requirement.

A Thorough Examination is mandated in two pieces of Health & Safety legislation, PUWER 98 and LOLER 98.

How often does a Thorough Examination need to be performed?

As an employer and owner the forklift, you must have a Thorough Examination performed on all trucks, including any that you hire out to third parties.

It has to comply with Schedule 1 of LOLER 98, and you have to be able to produce it when required to do so by an enforcement officer.

A Thorough Examination usually has to be carried out every 12 months, just like an MOT. This can change though depending on the trucks use; it can be lowered to 6 or even 4 months.

You must be issued with a ‘Chain Test Certificate’ a ‘Fork Test Certificate’ and a ‘L.O.L.E.R’.

MK Forklifts offers this inspection service, and we’re accredited by the CFTS to carry out ‘Thorough Examination’ inspections.