Hako sweepers are ideal for multiple cleaning environments, each commercial machine comes with its own particular features allowing you to get the job done with ease.

Milton Keynes Forklifts can supply you with any of the Hako sweeper range, whether it’s a ride-on or pedestrian operated model.

Hako Pedestrian Sweepers

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Sweepmaster M600

  • Wonderfully compact, entirely manual sweeping machine.
  • Engineered to complete a theoretical sweep of 2,300 m2 cleaned in one single hour.
  • Sturdy aluminium housing, shock proof steel frame and indestructible plastic dirt hopper (with 5 year warranty).
  • Kerbs and stairs can be negotiated easily without any problem thanks to the large wheels which project at the rear.
  • As effective as a warehouse sweeper as it is in a shopping centre.
  • Side-brush is fully adjustable, which is highly convenient when approaching obstacles, such as when navigating the sweeper through doorways.

Sweepmaster B500

  • Smallest motorised sweeper in the Hako product range.
  • Purpose-built for use on all hard floors and carpets alike.
  • Engineered to fulfil a coverage of up to 2,400m2 per hour, and this is achieved at a speed of 4km/h.
  • Highly effective, filter cleaning system thanks to a powerful vacuum blower, dust is absorbed instantaneously.
  • Sweep is adaptable with immediate effect; it has a 40cm width, however, this is increased to 60cm with the brush attachment.
  • Fully usable 40l hopper – biggest in class.
  • Totally corrosion-proof body/chassis and dirt hopper.
  • Onboard charger with an integrated mains cable for uncomplicated recharging.
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Scrubmaster B650

  • P650 – Petrol powered
  • B650 – Battery powered
  • Specifically designed to be easily manoeuvrable and beautifully compact for the dust-free cleaning of small and medium-sized areas.
  • 35L hopper, is able to hold a great amount of waste while also being easily emptied.
  • Hopper may be entirely filled before needing attention, there’s also a large debris flap.
  • Sweeping speed of 5km/h.
  • P650 also features an onboard charger which encourages longer periods of operation.
  • Optional carpet kit to aid in cleaning carpets.

Sweepmaster 800

  • P800 – Petrol powered
  • B800 – Battery powered
  • Larger version of the 650 model, the Sweepmaster 800 series is perfect for more substantial industrial and commercial areas, such as factories and larger shopping centres.
  • Has the ability to cover 3,350 m2/h.
  • Sweep width of 670mm (870mm with the side brush), means you will approach tasks with the bonus of instant adjustability.
  • Sweeping speed of 5km/h and a twin 25L hopper configuration.
  • Sweepmaster 800’s handle folds away, making a compact and easy to store cleaning machine.
  • Optional carpet cleaning kit also available.